• Automatic
    12 VOLT - 70 AMP
ENERGY 8012G Gas : Super-silent GAS generator

ENERGY 8012G Super-silent GAS generator

Generator runs on LPG liquid gas and can deliver up to 70 Amps at approximately 13.5 Volts.

It can be used as a power supply for a 12Vdc air conditioner, or a battery charger with an automatic power-on system (when the battery is flat) and power-off system (when the battery is fully recharged).

Special care was taking during the design to ensure that great care has been taken to ensure a very low noise level, by incorporating special sound insulation systems.

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Technical features ENERGY 8012G Gas
4-stroke engine YAMAHA MZ175
Max. power output 70A /13,5Vdc
Starting Electric
Noise level 56 dBA (7m)
Max Consumption 0,8 Kg/h
Dimensions y x z 29,5x55,5x38,5 cm
Weight 52kg