The intelligent solution for connecting 2 batteries in parallel without any risk of the vehicle not starting

Patented product

1 - Allows you to use, in the event of necessity, some of the energy from the engine battery to temporarily boost the service battery, with the guarantee that the engine battery will be left with enough charge to start the vehicle;

2 - If the engine battery is flat and the vehicle cannot be started, the BRIDGE lets you channel about 50A from the service battery to the engine battery in just a few minutes. Should this not be enough just switch on your ECOENERGY (TG480 / TG480MEF/ TG600MEF) and after just 15 minutes the engine battery will have enough power to start the vehicle.

3 - With the BRIDGE operating in AUTOMATIC mode together with the TG480 (or TG480MEF/TG600MEF), the current supplied by the latter will charge not only the service battery but also, on exceeding a voltage of 13 V, automatically charge the engine battery (up to a maximum of 14.2 V), thus ensuring it is always ready to start the vehicle.


Technical features BRIDGE
Power supply (from service battery) 12 Vdc (8รท 18 Vdc)
On-panel controls OFF - AUTO - MAN
Max transit current between the 2 batteries 50A
Voltage drop to 50 A <0,1 V
Engine battery flat alarm (<12.0 V) Beep - Flash
Service battery flat alarm (<11.4 V) Beep - Flash
Automatic activation of engine-service batteries parallel connection > 13,0 V
Automatic deactivation of engine-service batteries connection < 12,5 V