December 2018

Teleco sponsors the Carthago & Malibu test drive

Carthago & Malibu test drive

On 7-9 December, at the Tazio Nuvolari car racing circuit in Cervesina, in the Pavia province, the famous manufacturer Carthago organised the test drive for the motorhome Malibu Van 600 DB and for another four Recreational Vehicles.

Along with AL-KO and Iveco, Teleco sponsored this important event to offer all final users an excellent opportunity to establish direct contact with the new RVs, and to personally collect important information about the precious technological solutions of both the Carthago brand and of Teleco accessories.

Besides the motorhomes intended for various tests on the Tazio Nuvolari circuit, a small display of Carthago 2019 models was also held with the exclusive presentation of the latest model C-Line 5.3QB / SL.

Carthago & Malibu test driveCarthago & Malibu test drive

Teleco/Telair training courses for British technicians

Training courses

The training course was held at the Teleco offices in Lugo (Ravenna, Italy) on 4-6 December. Attended by 12 technicians from the United Kingdom, it was designed to offer them all practical and theoretical information about the main Teleco and Telair families of accessories, spanning self-tracking satellite antennas and manual ones, heat pump air conditioners and gas, petrol or diesel generators.

The team of technicians was also accompanied by Mr. Stephen Hodgson as representative of the company Scan-Térieur, which has distributed Teleco and Telair products in the United Kingdom for over thirty years.

Teleco yearly organises about twenty technical training courses of various levels throughout Europe.

In recent years this investment has become of vital importance in ensuring that Teleco/Telair families of accessories are correctly installed.

Training coursesTraining coursesTraining coursesTraining courses