FOOTPRINT tips to choose the correct dish size

Reception of TV and Radio signals broadcast by the 5 groups of satellites is guaranteed within the darker (Foot-Print) areas.

It should be remembered that signals become weaker when the sky is overcast or rainy, and this could lead to images with macroblocks, or the images could even disappear.

When choosing the satellite system to be installed on your vehicle, make sure the dimensions of the parabola are suited for receiving the satellite signals in your viewing area.


Footprint Diameter 50 cm - 65 cm - 85 cm

Hot Bird 13°E Footprint
Astra 1 19,2°E Footprint
Astra 2 28,2°E Footprint
Eutelsat 5°W Atlantic Bird 3 5°W Footprint
Astra 3B 23,5°E Footprint