Internet Sat

Automated satellite antenna with Internet and TV

The Teleco Internet Sat also gives you the ability, right in your motorhome/motorhome, to use the bidirectional broadband services off ered by Astra 2 Connect (Ku band) on the ASTRA satellite at 23.5° East. This means that you can surf the Internet and send and receive e-mails.

  • 85 cm dish with 2 LNBs
  • iLNB (dedicated to Internet (Ku band))
  • LNB (dedicated to television)
  • IP Modem

The interactive LNB (iLNB) is used to receive and transmit Internet signals (Ku-band), while the second LNB (not interactive) is used to receive television programmes transmitted from the following satellite positions: Astra 19, Hot Bird, Astra 23, Astra 28, Eutelsat 5W, Astra 4, Thor, Hispasat, Turksat, Internet. The IP modem is used to connect your PC to the Internet Sat.

Teleco HUB and CI-BUS interfaces are optional extras. In order to use these functions the vehicle must be fi tted with a Teleco HUB control centre or a CI-BUS system.

Footprint Astra 23,5°E

Surfing the Net via satellite is now real!

Internet Sat

Enables you to surf the Internet and watch TV programmes at the same time

A major advantage off ered by Internet Sat with its 2 LNBs is that you can surf the Internet while at the same time watching TV programmes transmitted by the Astra 19° East and Astra 28° East satellites (these satellites only). Should you wish to watch TV programmes transmitted by other satellites, just select the satellite desired (for example HOT BIRD) on the control panel and in a few seconds Internet SAT will automatically reposition the antenna.



  1. 1) In order to use Internet and Telephone services a contract is necessary with an Astra2 Connect service access supplier.

  2. Astra2 Connect services are guaranteed inside Astra23,5° Footprint.
Internet Sat 85
Internet Sat 85 Twin
Internet Sat: Size 91 x 85 cm