Carry SAT

A portable satellite kit that is easy to set up and dismantle

Requires minimal storage space.

Carry Sat has been designed for rapid dismantling and setup.

The preassembled satellite dish has a fold-down LNB arm and a two part clamp for attaching to the mast, reducing the time taken to put the whole kit back in the locker to just a few seconds.

It works with all types of satellite receivers.

To simplify alignment, we recommend using SAT1 or DSF90 HD.

Carry SAT

Kit content:

  • Aluminium tripod (TP3 ALU) with umbrella opening and closing action equipped with a rotating upper section for easy alignment of the dish.
  • Preassembled 65 or 80 cm dish with tiltable LNB supporting arm
  • Low-noise universal LNB
  • 10 m cable with connectors
  • 3 pegs for locking to the ground

Carry SAT

Carry SATIt can be packed away in seconds.


  • Carry SAT 80 with 80 cm dish
  • Carry SAT 65 with 65 cm dish
  • The TP3ALU model tripod is also available