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SELF-ENERGY EG20 - Bridge - Time switch - Multi Energy Function

The company TELAIR S.r.l. have succeeded Elettromeccanica GASPERINI S.r.l. in the production, marketing and technical assistance for Self Energy current generators.
For all requests concerning
Self Energy current generators and the Bridge,
please address to Telair s.r.l.:

Tel: + 39 0545 25037

e-mail: info@telecogroup.com

Self-Energy Bridge

It is a 12V. self-energy system for power recharge.

Its totally automatic functioning is possible thanks to a two-stroke engine supplied with on-board GPL gas, known as a fuel with virtually no environmental impact.

The technical solutions we adopted guarantee a safe functioning in any situation, virtually without noise and vibrations.

It is a system that controls and monitors the parallel connection between the engine battery and the leisure battery/ies.

It is very useful when the engine battery is not fully performing or in case highly power-absorbing electric appliances are used.

Global System

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MoMa Project

Simplified technical assistance for long-lasting results at low environmental impact.